Saturday, 1 December 2007

Rhythmbox + Clutter = RhythmClutter

Something like one year ago I was working on a project called banshee-fleow-plugin. Unfortunately, due to lack of free time and mostly due to unavailability of Tao-Framework in any Linux distro this C# driven project died.

Although my project's end may seem to be a little bit disappointing, over the last year certain things changed to better. As for eye-candy interfaces, two new open-source projects should be mentioned here: Clutter and Pigment

For the beginning, I have decided to pick up the first one, although I am keen on trying some Pigment later on to have some comparision. Actually I do not know any Python at the moment expect for the fact that indentions should be somehow the same. Yeah, I know I could try code that in C but I wanted to learn something new and Python seems very promising.

The example shown above is a combination of the sample python plugin provided with Rhythmbox and the super-oh example provided with Clutter - I just love the open-source :] Anyway, I hope this piece of code will be helpful to anyone, including me, willing to add some eye-candy/improved usability to Rhythmbox. I reckon there is a need for such things - improved Cover Art plugin is now on my mind and after that something more impressive like Coverflow :)

Wanna try it out? Clutter is available in gutsy repositories:
sudo apt-get install python-clutter
RhythmClutter source code is available via svn:
svn checkout rhythmclutter
Don't forget that all python plugins should be placed in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins directory

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