Friday, 23 January 2009 client for Android

Last year, October 2008, I started the development of - the client for Android. The inspiration was a demo trailer of the iPhone client I found somewhere on the net. I just wanted to know if I can write something similar. I didn't have and still don't have a real device so it was all done on the emulator.

After about a month, when my app matured, I contacted stuff to obtain the api key for my app - this is where I learned they were going to write something I had already working... well maybe not entirely :)

Anyway, we joined the forces, which was a good thing after all. I ported useful bits from my old application to the new official client... of course some parts had to be altered or completely rewritten. Working with stuff proved to be beneficial to the app - more people have been working over the code and the client itself gained a better UI design. Just after one month with the Christmas holidays in the meantime we deliver something working, hopefully.

All in all, the official client should be available in the Android Market in a matter of hours or is already available. It's the first public release so expect the bugs to pop up randomly - most certainly they will be fixed asap. In the future some new functionalities will be added.


Last year there was no a single post on this blog... I didn't feel like writing so just get over it ;[


Daniel Svensson said...

According to the blog post you linked to this application should be available in the android market place. However using my G1 Developer phone I can't find it under the Multimedia section. Is there any other way to download it outside the market?

Łukasz Wiśniewski said...

Right now, due to some licensing crap the client is restricted to UK and US only. Personally I am against such restrictions as I live in Poland... moreover cannot afford an Android device right now :( ...nonetheless, the source code should be available soon and I think client will eventually become available in more countries.

step21 said...

hi, could you maybe elaborate on this licensing thing? I'm in germany, where both desktop streaming and streaming to my iphone still work (for free) so why not on the android device? I mean, yeah, I could compile it myself but still ... nice work on the jamendo client btw.